Ensure your teams are able to return to work safely and with confidence

Many businesses are resuming full operations onsite or in office and have introduced significant social distancing and health and safety measures in order to:

  • Ensure a safe working environment for their employees, especially those who have been classified as vulnerable.
  • Preserve a healthy environment for both their teams and customers.
  • Limit the risk of temporarily having to shut operations down due to a viral breakout.

Whilst the management of the workspace and organisational changes are key to reduce the spread of the virus, we can further reduce the risk by taking part in a smart testing strategy.

If you would like your company to be part of customised response to Covid-19, please contact us at corporate@biogroup-laboratory.co.uk or fill in the form below:


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We offer rapid corporate testing solutions

Biogroup has built its own state-of-the-art testing capacities in the UK, enabling a full quality control over the testing process. We consider this policy as the only way to ensure the best conditions possible in terms of reliability and reactivity. Our tests received full approval by the relevant health authorities. We have the capacity to carry out and accurately deliver the results of both the RT- PCR tests and antibody tests in less than 24 hours.

Once contacted, we can set up your testing programme to start collecting samples in a couple of days.

A proven corporate testing experience

Biogroup has acted in partnership with many companies and institutions across a range of sectors including Education, Care homes, Financial Services, Real Estate, Industrials, Retail, Media & Entertainment, supporting them in ensuring a safe return to work for over 300,000 employees.

We thus have proven experience of developing extensive testing programmes for companies at risk of being critically impacted by Covid-19. We pride ourselves on our ability to rapidly implement these solutions, ensuring that your staff, your customers and your operations are protected.

A one stop shop for covid testing

In order to provide a seamless execution of your testing programme, Biogroup takes care of every aspect of the organisational process, from inception to completion:

We advise

We help you to define the objectives of your corporate testing strategy.

We provide guidance so you define your own corporate testing strategy and prepare the list of your sites or offices, and employees who are willing to be tested. Our experts can equally discuss with C-levels and/or managers to provide all the necessary information and helping them to navigate through new scientific discovery regarding COVID-19.

Our experts will help you create and agree your priorities, frequency of testing, medical protocols, hosting locations for testing, key contacts, hotline, reporting of results etc. They will also keep you up-to-date on key developments relating to SARS-COV-2 so you can maintain your testing programme accordingly.

We supply

We have anticipated and secured all medical supplies and logistics required for the programme, including swabs and personal protective equipment.

We collect

We take care of every aspect of your programme, including scheduling a planning session of the roll-out of tests, selecting trained professional health worker to conduct the testing, at your workplace or in our labs in London.

We report

We help you to define the objectives of your corporate testing strategy.

We fully appreciate that keeping track of the status of your testing programme will be critical to steer your project in the right direction. This is why we are delighted to support your managers (C-Suite and HR teams etc) throughout the implementation phase by providing:

  • Progress reports and detailed feedback from employees who have been tested
  • Tailor-made communications for your employees

Thus, we ensure that the project sponsors within your organisation are kept regularly up-to-date on developments and results, and provide you with a clear picture of your employees’ level of immunity.

Should your testing programme reveal positive clusters of COVID-19, we are in a prime position to share our experience with you and provide guidance on what measures can be implemented to protect both your people and your operations.