Last update: 18th November 2020

What is a cookie?

Cookies are very small files consisting of a string of letters and numbers that are stored on your computer or mobile device by the web page servers. Thanks to cookies, BIOGROUP can distinguish you from other users of its website. A cookie does not contain executable code and cannot be used to transmit a virus either. BIOGROUP cannot use cookies to enter your hard drive, nor read the information stored there, even if cookies are stored there.

Cookies can be associated with identifiable information that you transmit to BIOGROUP when you register or log in to our online services. Cookies help us to provide you with a more personalized experience by, for example, offering you content that matches your interests.

The data generated by BIOGROUP website cookies can be used for various reasons. In particular, for the following purposes:

  • Absolutely necessary cookies: these technical cookies are essential for you to be able to browse our websites and use their features, for example accessing secure areas of our sites. These technical cookies are stored temporarily on your device while you are browsing and are deleted when you close your browser.
  • Functionality cookies: thanks to these personalized cookies, our websites record your preferences (username, language, region, etc.) and thus facilitate your use of the site.
  • Performance and statistical cookies: These analytics cookies collect information about how visitors navigate our sites, such as the most frequently viewed pages and error messages received by our visitors. These cookies are used to improve the functionality of our websites.

Your consent to the use of cookies

We only use optional cookies if we have obtained your prior consent (art. 6.1.a of the General Data Protection Regulation). On your first visit to our Website, a banner will appear asking you to give us your consent to the deposit of optional cookies. If you give us your consent, we will place a cookie on your computer and the banner will not appear again while the cookie is active. After the expiration of the cookie’s lifetime, or if you voluntarily delete the cookie, the banner will reappear on your next visit to our Website and we will ask for your consent again.

For each of the purposes of optional cookies, we will ask for your prior consent, category by category.
Depending on the choice of cookies to which you have consented, a cookie will be generated in order to record your choice not to receive unnecessary cookies on your next visit from the same browser. However, if you are using another browser, it is technically impossible to know your cookie preferences and you will have to revalidate your choices.

You can change the cookie settings on this site by clicking on the Manage cookies button on our website at the bottom right.

We do not share any personal information with advertisers and do not allow any third party to display advertisements on our site. However, we cannot control which advertisers display advertisements through your Internet Service Providers while you are browsing the Internet.

You do not want cookies

You have the option of blocking cookies or deleting cookies that have already been placed, but please note that if you disable cookies a number of features will no longer be available on our site and on some websites.

You have the option of configuring your browser to accept or reject all cookies, to be alerted when a cookie is issued, to see its validity period and its content, and to delete your cookies periodically.

However, if your browser is configured to reject all cookies and similar technologies, websites that use cookies will not recognize you on your next visit, and you may not be able to take advantage of certain features offered by our sites.

To disable cookies, you have several options depending on the configuration of your browser:

  • for Mozilla Firefox: the “Tools” menu then “Options”, then click on the “Privacy” icon, locate the “cookie” menu and select the options that concern you;
  • for Internet Explorer: the “Tools” menu, then “Internet Options” (or “Internet Options”), click on the “Confidentiality” (or “Confidentiality”) tab, select the desired level using the cursor, Use cookies ;
  • for Chrome: click on the Chrome menu icon, choose in the “Settings” menu, click on “Show advanced settings” then in the “Confidentiality” section, click on “content settings”, select “Prohibit all sites to store data ”, then“ OK ”to save;
  • for Safari: “Preferences”, then click on “Security”, click on “Show cookies” then choose the desired options.

This information concerning cookies may be subject to possible updates. We invite you to check this site regularly for the most recent version.